Chimp beaten to death by other primates in zoo enclosure

A dramatic video has emerged from the US of the moment a chimpanzee was beaten to death by seven other primates, after falling 40 feet from a tree while fighting.

The footage, filmed on June 21 at Kansas City Zoo, MO, shows the ferocious gang of chimps surrounding the stricken animal and beating him with their hands and branches.

''As I got close I could already hear the chimps ''yelling at each other." When I entered the viewing area I saw a long group of five or six chased up into a tree,'' the filmer later wrote online.

''This group began fighting in that first tree and from about 40 feet up one chimp fell to the ground.''

''He got up as the others were descending the tree and the whole group chased up into a second tree,'' he continued.

''In that second tree the four or five caused the one to fall again, this time landing on a stone slab about 30 feet beneath the tree.

''Once the chimp fell again he tried to hobble away. The others then encircled him and began beating on him.''

''Once the zoo staff arrived they were finally able to get them apart (by enticing with food stuffs from afar) and they got the injured chimp to safety. He died only a short time later,'' he added.



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