Bus Driver Offers His Seat to Mother & Baby to Make a Point

Sometimes it takes extraordinary actions to get results. In this case, a bus driver has given up his own seat to offer a woman with a baby, to emphasize a point to other passengers who refused to offer their seats.

There are reserved seats on the public bus system for physically vulnerable people so that they can travel conveniently and/or comfortably. However, some people choose to ignore this and sometimes when such seats are occupied, other passengers choose to ignore the guidelines, let alone as a matter of courtesy, morality or ethics.

Sometimes, a hero rises (literally) to set an example.

The driver stopped the bus, stood up and offered his seat to a woman who is holding her baby in one arm while she is balancing herself by holding on to a fixture with the other arm. Suddenly, some people realize that without a driver, the bus is going nowhere.

At the insistence of the driver, a woman finally stands to offer her seat and the lady with the baby is able to make to way to a seat for a safer journey, while other passengers still ignore the situation or refuse to offer a seat.

It is unfortunate that this had to happen after the driver made a point. This occurred in ConcepciĆ³n route - Penco (Chile).