Sukhoi Su 22 Fighter Jet Shot Down by Anti-Saleh Fighters- Yemen

Anti-Saleh fighters in the Sanaa Governate of Yemen shot down a fighter jet and villagers examine the smouldering wreckage. The jet had been on a mission bombing villages whose leaders do not support president Saleh. These bombing missions have been going on for months and have caused the residents to leave their homes and live in mountain caves to avoid death.

This video was shot in Naham-Arhab. This region just north of the capital Sanaa has seen heavy fighting between anti-Saleh fighters and loyalist Republican Guards. The fighting erupted after the notorious Republican Guards had been ordered to transfer with heavy weapons to Sanaa to put down anti-government demonstrations, the Arhab tribes being some of the most heavily armed civilians in the world put up resistence and blocked the movement.

On September 26th 2011 the anti-Saleh fighters succesfully overran the 63rd Brigade Republican Guard base in Arhab and captured several tanks and weapons caches.