Drunk judge DUI video released

The Georgia State Patrol has released the dash cam video from the latest drunk driving arrest for Chattooga County judge Carlton Vines.

The incident happened around November 3rd, 2007.

Judge Vines pleaded guilty to the DUI charge in April. He paid a $1,500 fine and was sentenced to 72 hours behind bars.

Vines must also complete 240 of community service. Vines' 30 day house arrest sentence ended Sunday.

In the video, Vines is seen stumbling and staggering. He refuses a field sobriety test, blood test and breathalyzer.

An eyewitness called police after she saw Vines swerve and hit another car. On the video, he admits to drinking and driving.

He also said he accepted responsibility for the crash but wouldn't admit or deny involvement.

Judge Vines has been under voluntary suspension. The Georgia State Judicial Commission will decide if he'll return to the bench.