ISIS man talks about Turkish Attack on Them

Location of Al rai:;amp;lat=36.621177&lon=37.470760&z=13&m=b
So, here is his words. Job is not mine, i will link the original item below.
Collated tweets from @khorasani_ about the Turkish attack on ISIS fighters near al-Rai in Aleppo province

(I’ve converted the uppercase letter at the start of each tweets into lower case)

Allahu akbar the turkish army has dipped its hands in the war in Shaam! Yesterday whilst we were whacking some FSA in al ra’i next to the Borders they sent a small kind of remote controlled plane over our heads, minutes later we were bombarded with explosives from Allah knows what kind of weaponry. The explosions were bigger than jet fighters, similiar to that from the huge barrel bombs helicopters occasionally drop. We had to retreat from the so far successful attack and took place behind some rocks for like an hour, night had come and no one could See much but if anyone moved an inch, it would be greeted with some 10-15 bullets flying inches above our heads lol we were literally lying on our backs watching them fly in front of our faces, it was like a scene from star wars with all the ‘zing’ noises and red lights, then the thunderclap noise of the bombs would come again, they would send 2 at a time wallahi it was like a storm, the flash from the turkey side, then the whilsting noise through the air and all we could do is lie flat waiting to see if it lands on our heads or not.

Alhamdulillah Allah Took us out safely in the end, casualties due to the turks, one of our buses was torn apart by a bomb + one of our emirs Abu Ja’fr Dagestani was martyred, he was attacking the FSA from behind a cover as we all were and the border was to our side, we weren’t covered from there Since we didn’t expect to be attacked by tanks and night vision snipers by the neighbouring country but I guess this further reinforces the fact that the kuffaar are not to be trusted. Anyway the brothers that were attacking from the side away from the turkish borders are still holding up the spot may Allah protect them, that’s all I can reveal in terms of what’s going on since the battle is not over, more info after it’s all over insha Allah.

Just to point out as well by the way, The Islamic State of Iraq and Shaam, under orders from Abu Bakr Baghdadi and Shaykh Adnaan have absolutely no intention to attack Turkey in any way, shape or form. Based on the hadith of the prophet peace be upon him where he ordered us to leave the Turks and the rest I cannot recall if anyone has the full hadith please feel free to post it. But yeah if there’s any message I want to get across is no bullet from a soldier in The Islamic State will be aimed at the Turks. Before the media tries to start something that we attacked them. Let it be known here first that I say this and may Allah paralyse my tongue if I’m lying, we say their plane over us. We saw the bombs come from their side, the bullets over our heads and they caused us to pull back from what would have been an easy victory yy the permission of Allah. Allahu musta’an.


Allahu a’lam, I’m sure the Emir of The Islamic State and the top shari’ knew what they were saying when they made the order. the way I heard it is اترك الأتراك which is a clear command BUT the rule of self defence I don’t know how it applies. There’s no desire to start such a war anyway. Besides the prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam said the muslims will take over Turkey without weapons, at the time of the great malhama, it will be opened with just takbirs and mujahideen will walk through so Allahu a’lam. Maskana is the final border of wilaayat al baadiyah, that’s the official border for us. yeah, We were near the border a town called al ra’i.


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