Netherlands: Muslims Rape, Torture and Kill Lamb

French Knippels, manager of the animal park at the Prince Hendrikstraat, Drunen, is devastated. Last Friday a two weeks old lamb was probably so severely beaten that it is died.

On Friday Mister Knippels did his final round and saw a group of young men.

"They did it '
"I had a chat with them. One of the youngsters had shouted that they were going to fuck a sheep. I said..."When you come for the animals, you’ll have to deal with me first. "They were still there when I left. So I suspect they have done it".

According to Knippels, the lamb was abused with a PVC pipe. "I found that PVC pipe in the park. Later, when I had found the dead animal, I thought: one and one are two. The lower jaw of a young sheep was off and the bone was sticking out. The anus of the animal was also severely devastated. Teeth were beaten out of the lamb’s mouth. The dead corpse of the animal was floating in the pond. I took it out of the water."

We got in contact with the administrator of that animal park because we had some questions to ask. One of the questions is: "What were these young people like? Were they Dutch youths?". He seemed to be reluctant on the specific answer. But in the end they turned out to be: 'Dutch youngsters with a foreign accent."



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