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Connex furious over man filmed clinging to back of train

CONNEX can do its best to improve Victoria's train services, boost cleanliness, remove graffiti and upgrade security, but this man proves it's impossible to idiot-proof trains.

A horrified Herald Sun reader captured the moment this bloke risked his life hitching a ride on the back of a train on Friday night.

Connex management, police and the community at large, are outraged such behaviour is becoming more common.

The rail operator gets about nine reports a month, up from three just a year ago.
Connex spokesman John Rees said the pranksters were risking their lives foolishly riding on the back of trains.

"You wouldn't sit on the roof of your car at 70km/h, so why would you do it on a train?" Mr Rees said.

Herald Sun reader Paul Maric, whose friend captured the moment on camera, said he was horrified to see a man hanging on to the windscreen wipers at the back of the


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