Two interviews with the leader/Secretary General of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood - Subbed

Video - Interviews with "Muhammad Riyadh Al-Shaqfa" from the sunni Islamist Syrian Muslim Brotherhood. Also included one of his statements in which he opposes "Kurdish entity in Syria".

Videos from:
- "BBC Arabic" 02/2012
- "Dubai TV" 06/2012 (the one with the woman)

According to this article

He also made an interesting statement in the Turkish newspaper "Cumhuriyet" in September 2012. “There is no one single purely Kurdish area in Syria and the Kurds are a minority in northeastern areas since they live with other components of Syrian society there,” Shaqfa told Cumhuriyet.

He added, “We clearly oppose the ambitions of establishing a Kurdish entity in Syria.”

Most research estimates Syrian Kurds make up between 12 and 15 percent of the population in Syria. However, Shaqfa claims, “The Kurds in Syria do not constitute more than 5 percent.”
Shaqfa’s statements angered many Syrian Kurdish activists and politicians, and caused controversy between the different revolutionary forces in Syria.