Breaking News: Terror Attack in Paris

AT LEAST 128 PEOPLE ARE believed to be dead after terrorists wielding AK47s and hurling explosives executed 118 people inside a Paris concert hall and slaughtered 40 more people throughout the city, rocking the French capital. The French prosecutor’s office believes all of the attackers are dead and seven of eight assailants died in suicide bombings.

Paris was put under curfew, directing people off the streets last night, this is the first time since 1944 that this has happend. In the morning hours after the attack IS is claiming repsonsibility. François Hollande, the French President says that IS are responsible.
Syrian and Egyptian passports have been found on the corpses of the terrorists. Forensic investegators says that some of the terrorists are between 15 and 18 years old. Witnesses says the Daesh scum shouted snackbars before starting to shoot. IS has issued new threats in an undated video following the attack.

One of the terrorists has been identified as a 30 year old male.

According to the latest news Paris was already expecting a terrorist attack and had several thousand soldiers and police officers ready to respond, despite this, the terrorists has struck a terrible blow in what is the worst terrorist attack on European soil since the 1980s.

More updates to follow!