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Jesse Ventura Discusses Being Banned From TV And Interrogated By The CIA

first part

Added: Sep-19-2008 
By: tivathehunter
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  • Jesse is cool.

    Posted Sep-19-2008 By 

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  • Ventura has seen more and done more than your average 50 Americans will do in a lifetime.
    Instead of dissing him for being aware of the world he lives in...listen...learn.
    The man has much to say and far more intelligent than most give him credit for.

    Posted Sep-19-2008 By 

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  • I don't get you guys. He seems OK to me. He isn't saying anything new or controversial. He is just giving his take on things. Where is the 12 horsemen of the O J Jury or the tin foil gang who couldn't think straight?

    Posted Sep-19-2008 By 

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  • I like Ventura. He speaks from the heart rather than from the ear microphone.

    Posted Sep-20-2008 By 

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  • I'll tell ya, I think he'd be a lot more interesting to hang out with than just about any other politician I can think of.

    I don't agree with everything Jesse says, but I do believe that HE believes what he says, and that he's not handing me a line to get a vote. I respect that sort of character.

    Posted Sep-19-2008 By 

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  • I like him, he says what he wants. If you don't like it, and want to argue with him, do it, I don't see any valid arguments against him or his stances, just "What a loon, what a conspiracy theorist", but never any valid points against his arguments. Sure I don't agree with everything he says, but I still listen to what he has to say. And i'm not conspiracy theorist, don't let the fancy avatar fool you.

    Posted Sep-20-2008 By 

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  • Don't let all those conspiracy websites divert you away from the best conspiracy website its a conspiracy.

    Posted Sep-20-2008 By 

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  • parkinsons setting in like michael fox...and a crazy nut job to boot. i betcha he thinks the "jews" flew the planes into the trade towers like that Scott guy does! wacko!

    Posted Sep-20-2008 By 

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  • Typical nutcase conspiracy BS. Watch the second video, and notice how he can't sit still for even a split second.... bags under the eyes, paranoid.. hmmm. To top it off, he still has a mullet.

    "Down in Mexshico, they like to put names on their houshes " LOL.


    Posted Sep-19-2008 By 

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