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Tribute to George W. Bush, Best President of the United States of America

Fuck Obongo, Bush made America safer for 8 years!!And fuck all the traders of zivilisation which supports terrorists when they say all the bad things about 43 president of America.The Bush Administration has given more Aid to Africa than any other Administration, because this guy Saddan Hussein dies, he freed the Iraqis from a dictator, but the most important thing is:He fights back the Islam, this hateful religion which lived right from the terrorists!!
I'm thankful that he perceived the true evil, the NAZIS of the new period, the NAZISLAM nad fight them back.I'm really sorry for the bad things which the most other germans telling about him...just hope America knows there are supporters of Bush in germany too.

Added: Jan-5-2011 
By: Eurorap
Iraq, LiveLeaks
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