IDF Avoids Civilians Casualties in Gaza, Hamas Increases Them

First Vid clearly shows the steps taken by the IDF to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza being undermined by Hamas.

IDF aircraft targets a building with a loud but non-lethal bomb that warns civilians that they are in the vicinity of a weapons cache or other target. This method is used to allow all residents to leave the area before the IDF targets the site with live ammunition.

However, in this video,the residents flee the home but then many others come and ascend to the roof and act as human shields. The IDF aircraft sees the band of civilians on the roof and therefore aborts the strike.

Second vid - IDF Pinpoint Strike on Weapons Storage Facility in Gaza: Watch IDF aircraft make a precision strike on a weapons cache within the house of a senior commander of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, as part of Operation Protective Edge.

Third vid - Hamas Spokesperson Encourages Use of Human shields: The spokesperson for Hamas in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, spoke on Al Aqsa TV about the use of civilians as a human shield. He refers to the night of June 8 when the IDF avoided civilian casualties by aborting an air strike. He encourages Palestinians in Gaza to continue the practice in order to deter IDF strikes.