Kiteboarder Ruben jumps over a humpback whale

Kiteboarder discovers Humpback whale stranded on a sandbank in the north sea.


For all the people who just a few days in a dark warm cave slept and now come, there is a humpback stranded on the sandbank Razende Bol at Texel and the humpback whale is still alive. The whale became very weak Wednesday in an attempt to free itself. This attempt failed, and the animal was still below the sandbar right. Thursday afternoon, a new attempt to the 12 meter long humpback to the open waters of the North Sea to accompany. We now go back to the person who first spotted the humpback has and that was kiteboarder Ruben Lenten. And Reuben was even briefly a bold leap over the humpback. Through the Facebook Page of Reuben.