The liberal's saddest day yet...

Most UPSET reactions to Donald Trump winning election against Hillary. Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, Chris Matthews, Cenk Ugyur, The View, Andrea Mitchell, and many more react.

When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at [this video], then I'm not so blue...

Tomorrow, many will relive the 2016 election day. Hopefully, they've accepted it and are making the best of the Trump presidency, like many of us who did the same during Obama. However, I doubt that the liberals are capable of such a thing. The hatred on the left seems so blind. I fear they will never be able to open their eyes to the TRUTH and turn away from the constant load of BULLSHIT their favorite media shows and "news" feeds them. CHEERS to all who see some light. CHEERS to all who keep their blinders on and ignore reality. CHEERS to MAGA!


By: Sno0opy (2951.20)

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