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Hot Pockets of Bio-Weapon Release, Lyme Disease?

Imagine if 4 out 5 family members contract Lyme Disease and are too sick to function. Imagine 30 out of 50 homes in your neighborhood are infected with Lyme. Plum Island between Connecticut and Long Island is a Bio-weapons research laboratory. Soft body ticks from Africa were used to transfer the disease to hard body ticks and the disease is released from Connecticut and is now all over the US and out into the world. [more on the story]

What does Yale University have to do with the outbreak? Is Big Pharma about maximum profit and population control? Is the real Lyme Disease story being suppressed? What does that say about international corporate and bankster control of the mainstream media?

Is the US about "Democide"? [story]

Added: Mar-13-2012 Occurred On: Mar-6-2012
By: SvenVonErick
World News
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