Syrian National Defense Force Reports (4)

Syrian National Defense Force (NDF) is a secular counter Insurgency force created ending 2012 initially was formed by 10,000 members by the mid 2013 with more 40,000 and staring 2014 at least 60,000 some NDF members are FSA defectors.

NDF primary role is doing fast reactions against terrorists raids in their native zones because is composed by native people from the area when the NDFs units are formed the trained level and equipment from the NDF is clearly inferior to the SAA so they are not professional military personal.. However since June 2013 the NDF star to doing combined offensives cooperating with the Army successfully in different parts of the country.

1) Al Qalamoun 12/4
2) Al Qalamoun 14/4
3) Rural Damascus 8/4
4) NDF in Rural Homs promo 24/3