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WTC 7 9/11 Column 20 Missing,What Happened to it?
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This video shows perfect symmetrical damage to the South side of WTC 7, indicating that column 20 has been obliterated.

It appears to have been done with the precision of a surgeons knife.

NIST Final Report for WTC 7 confirms only the damage to column 20 at the top 3 or 4 floors, but as this video clearly shows, the damage extends the entire visible height of the building.

NCSTAR_1-9_Vol1, Ch 5, P168-173

WHAT caused this damage ?

WHY did NIST not include the destruction of column 20 in their 'collapse model' ?

WHY did NIST not investigate the cause and effect of the destruction of this column ?
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Added: Sep-11-2011 
By: amy2x
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