Motorcyclist at High Speed Slams into Parade Street Dancer

Incredible footage was played at a courtroom showing a motorcyclist riding at extremely high speed crashing into a street dancer during the Draymond Green Parade Saginaw Michigan

The video was played during a preliminary hearing for the 42-year-old Lavanis Gray, who is charged with reckless driving causing serious impairment of a body function.

Behind the dance group was about six motorcyclists, the victim SikenyaThompson said. Many times, the motorcyclists revved their engines, she testified. She heard that sound one final time, but she didn't look back as she was so used to hearing it throughout the parade, she said.

"And that was it," she said.

The motorcycle, prosecutor's allege, was driven by Gray, sped through the dancers and struck Thompson from behind.


By: jerswift2002 (102.64)

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