Criminal eaten by Alligator in Florida

Justo Pardon (36) was seen breaking into a car parked outside the Miccosukee reservation in Florida ,when the police suddenly arrived on the scene.

Justo and his accomplice Heriberto Rubio fled the scene on foot, Rubino was caught by the police, while justo outran them and jumped into a nearby lake who had the sign "Warning! living Gators".
- Eyewitnesses saw a gator closing in and tried to warn Justo, but to late and the gator pulled him under. His body was found 50feet below the next day by divers.

Justo, who lived in Miami, had a long criminal record with; Theft, Robbery and possession of Drugs.

The Gator was later put to death as a result of it eating a person (Florida state law).