Police Shoot Man Threatening 3-Year-Old Daughter

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- A man holding his 3-year-old daughter above his head and threatening to throw her to the ground during a police standoff was shot and wounded by two Scottsdale officers Friday afternoon.

Brian Hulstedt, 37, suffered two gunshot wounds to the lower part of his body and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Police said the incident started after Hulstedt's father placed a 911 call from the home in the 6800 block of E. Morning Vista Lane.

Dispatchers said they heard a child crying in the background. When officers arrived, they found Hulstedt's parents in front of the house. They said they feared their son, who was inside the house with his 3-year-old daughter, was going to hurt the child, investigators reported.

The parents also disclosed their son was behaving irrationally and had grappled with recent mental health issues, officers said. The couple said that earlier in the day, Hulstedt had threatened to drop the child from a window, police stated.

As police were questioning the couple, they said Hulstedt came out of the home with the child. When an officer asked to speak to him, Hulstedt refused and ran back inside the house with the girl, investigators said.

Hulstedt initially did not answer the house phone or his cell phone, police said. Officers said they eventually established some phone contact by working with the man's parents and brother.

During negotiations, Hulstedt threatened to hurt the child and said he would "pile-drive" her on the ground if his demands were not met, investigators said.

After approximately 90 minutes of negotiations, police said the suspect agreed to come out. He walked out the front door with the child and refused officer's commands to give her up, police said.

As he raised the child over his head, officers said they believed that he would carry out his threat to harm the child and they opened fire. Police said Hulstedt let his arms down and released the girl when she was about 1 to 2 feet off the ground.

The child did not appear to be injured from the fall, officers said. Hulstedt collapsed and the child was recovered by officers.

The girl was airlifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital where doctors discovered a head injury, police said. Detectives said they found blood inside the home which indicated that the child was injured while her father had her inside the house.

Detectives said if Hulstedt recovers, he will face felony endangerment charges. No officers or other civilians were hurt.

The two officers who fired their weapons will be placed on procedural, paid leave while the investigation continues.