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Rick Folbaum & Napolitano On the Constitutionality of the Czars

Today Rick Folbaum, sitting in for Shepard Smith on Studio B, had Judge Andrew Napolitano on to discuss the constitutionality of the Obama administration's appoinment of the 30+ czars to date. This was in light of former Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, who resigned at 12:01 AM on Sunday this past Labor Day weekend.

The more the administration tries to explain things, the more questions are brought to bear: Are the Czars vetted? Does the FBI do background checks? How much money do they make? What kind of power do they have in decision-making in the Obama Administration? Who funds them? Who appoints them? What is their experience, and who vouches for their character? How much experience, and better yet, what KIND of experience do they bring to the job? What Cabinet-level positions do they supercede in making decision for the Executive Branch?

So, so many questions, yet so few answers.

Added: Sep-8-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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