Local party chief's shirt stripped by protesters after govt builidngs were occupied by tens of thousands

The local residents have been protesting the environmentally hazardous project by a Japanese papermaking company for months but the local govt doesn't want to listen. They stormed the govt builidngs, seaching the offices for documents which may prove the corruption of the officals with connection with the Japanese. The party chief's shirt was stripped off to check what brand it was and lots of condoms and expensive wines were also found in his office. The govt has decided to end the project after the protest.

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2012-07-28 early in the morning

July 28, Qidong City, Jiangsu Nantong, large-scale groups, protests, protest against Japan's Oji Paper to Qidong waters near sewage. Tens of thousands of angry people stormed the municipal government, occupying the building, police cars were overturned, Qidong party secretary Sun Jianhua, had been stripped naked, find any site to a large number of police take away the mayor, protesters surrounded the people asking the officials to wear "strongly resisted by the Prince of sewage" shirts.

Site packed with people, the car on top of the wall, the office corridor, the residents upstairs, on the road full of people, witnesses said, the scene of at least 100,000 people cheering loud.

Angry people to break through the police cordon, tear down the door, rushed into the municipal government, and government buildings within the Office of the signs removed, the police car was overthrown; a large number of government documents, people like snowflakes upstairs dropped, people also office within the Chinese cigarettes, playing cards, ginseng, condoms, Dream Blue, Wuliangye, wine and other expensive luxury, wine, and placed on public display in front of the tank.

The people demanded the government to immediately stop the Japanese Oji Paper and paper waste water through a pipe discharge to the estuary. This project approved by the Nantong Municipal Government, the construction of the estuary from the factory to Qidong up to 110 kilometers of drains. The prince invested 200 billion yen construction in Nantong Asia's largest paper-making base.

However, this project was to Qidong City, the public strongly opposed to the appeal launched to petition government. Nantong Municipal Government on the 27th a letter to the public an open letter, said the suspension of this project.