Launch of giant nuclear missile(known as "Satan")

R-36M/SS-18 is the most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) ever built.

Russian designation - R-36M "Voevoda" ("Warlord")
Designation of NATO - SS-18 "Satan"

Missiles of the R-36M/SS-18 family have never been deployed with more than ten warheads. But given their large throw-weight (8.8 tonnes is the official START number), it is easy to see that they can be made to carry much more than that. That was something that the United States worried quite a bit in the 1970s. And, as it turns out, rightly so.
Among the projects that the Soviet Union considered in the mid-1970s was that of a 15A17 missile – a follow-on to the R-36MUTTH (15A18). The missile would have had even larger throw-weight – 9.5 tonnes – and would be able to carry quite a few warheads. Five different versions of the missile were considered. Three of these would carry regular warheads – 38 (yes, it’s thirty eight!) with the yield of 250kt each, 24 500kt warheads, or 15 to 17 1Mt ones. Two modifications were supposed to carry guided warheads (“upravlyaemaya golovnaya chast”) – 28x250kt or 19x500kt.

Mod 3 of the R-36M is capable of carrying one 25 megaton "city buster" warhead, Making it more than enough to destroy any big megalopolis or any hardened base such as NORAD.

Mod 4 - The R-36M Mod 4 carries at least 10 MIRVs (750Kt) and a lot of dummy warheads.

The R-36 (SS-9) is a two-stage rocket powered by a liquid bipropellant, with UDMH as fuel and nitrogen tetroxide as an oxidizer.

The missile has a maximum flight range of 11,000 kilometers (6,840 miles) and a launch weight of 211 metric tons.

CEP: <500 meters

Pre-launch preparation time: less than 3 minutes