Obama's UN End to Internet Freedom?

Why should the UN be in charge of the Internet? Why is Obama dismantling the US Constitution for the UN? Why is Obama using Presidential signing statements to dismantle the US Constitution. Why is there all this spying, bombing, murdering, torturing, ripping off and abusing using our US Tax Dollars?

Are any of you paying attention the Cispa? Do you know what it is?

Why did we spend trillions to make an underground UN/Banker base in the Ozarks? [starkravingviking.blogspot.com/2013/02/banker-bunkers.html]

A police officer pre-9/11 told me that I did not own my house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He told me I was just an occupant and that he could kick me out of my own house, arrest me if I contacted elected officials on issues, and could kick me out of the state and take my wife if he wanted. So, he bounced me off my house, later arrested me on lies, and I lost everything. Before that, cops were listening to my phone calls, trolling my internet usage, and emails, and following me around. It all started because one, fat and seemingly retarded officer, "Fat Frank" was infatuated with my wife. So, he made reference to my phone calls, mocked me, and would even come over the next day if my wife and I had an argument over dinner. Was my house bugged? How would you like police to show up after midnight, and start kicking on your door chanting your name? I would hear, "Oh Stevie-boy" being sung over and over.

In Connecticut and probably other states when a White Male police officer rapes a woman, it usually isn't even investigated. Women who complain get terrorized and arrested. Police will even help a connected man beat his wife and then arrest the wife. [www.liveleak.com/view?i=9b1_1206830084]

Ritt Goldstein also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation. He was then attacked on his property by friends of police and then he was arrested. He fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [www.liveleak.com/view?i=9b1_1206830084]

I ended up getting divorced, never seeing my daughter again, losing my house, losing my contracting business built over two decades, to ending up penniless after being railroaded to prison. Cops sent out informants to threaten my life, stalk me, terrorize my tenants and neighbors, and then attack me. Police can refuse to protect and serve and then when you are attacked on your own property you can lose everything and go to prison.

The UN is for international bankers. They are for population reduction and stealing all that is nailed down and all that is not. The UN is about murder, indefinite detention, censorship, torture, rape, and murder. Do you want to sign onto to being a UN resident of the world having your country's citizenship stripped. The UN wants you sterile, bankrupt, without family unity and maybe even dead.

If the UN can spy on you like Stafford Springs Constables and Connecticut State Police did on me, then they will be doing the same things. If anyone can listen to all your calls, decide what you can do on the internet, monitor you 24/7, restrict your travel, disarm you, tell you what you can have, where you live, if you can get a license to have children- THEY OWN YOU!

May you can have a "Fat Frank" Prochaska type officer, a UN goon or military grabbing on you in your home and trying to have sex with young girls, wives, and girlfriends. Police in the US are armed revenue collectors and guards for the state. Courts are a rubber stamp on ripoffs and abuse.

With all the surveillance, police were following me around 24/7 harassing me. When two real criminals got out who were violent and dangerous, police paid no attention. So, the invaded a home, sent the mother to the bank to empty out the account, so police were informed. The criminals then proceeded to sodomize and rape a 13 year old, the other women, and then set them on fire. So, police protection and service was worthless. The police were basically toasting marshmallows while the victims of the home invasion sizzled and popped inside. [thegetjusticecoalition.blogspot.com/2010/10/11-year-old-sodo]

Steven G. Erickson's contact information, picture, and details of police BS [thegetjusticecoalition.blogspot.com/2012/12/getting-made-in-]

My previous Yoursay, I talk about why from a child I became a political activist [www.liveleak.com/view?i=d43_1360705021]

Would you like to see no CISPA passed. Would you like to abolish DHS Department of Homeland Security and the TSA? Would you like to see Obama impeached and prosecuted?


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