Protester against Rock Creek Park deer kill reports laser dot shined on chest

The 28th of March marked the second night of protests against the Park
Service using USDA snipers to kill deer in Rock Creek Park. Banners were
held at the intersection of Military Road and Oregon Ave, and I was
told that at least one team of hunt disruptors was in the woods. At
10:32PM, one of the protesters reported seeing a laser dot on her chest.

The woman reporting the laser dot was facing the park, where
diagonally across the intersection and over 100 yards away a pair of US
government employees in dark green clothing were guarding a trail
entering the woods. Apparently one of the shooters further back, bored
with either the lack of deer or lack of a "green light" that early
decided to aim his weapon at one of the protesters with the laser sight
operating as a prank or a threat.

Earlier, the two men guarding the same area of the woods refused to
answer any questions posed by the same woman, giving her only a phone
number to redirect any questions to and saying they were forbidden to
answer any questions!

It is beyond unprofessional for even one of USDA's "predator
control"/deer removal snipers to aim his or her weapon at any person,
even one protesting their presence. For all the talk of "buffer zones"
and safety, it appears that one of the Park Service's contract snipers
from USDA has chosen to violate the most fundamental of all gun safety
rules: never aim your weapon at anything it is not OK to shoot!

As of shortly before 11PM, no gunshots had been heard, suppressed or
otherwise in the vicinity of Military Road and Beach Drive/Oregon Ave.
The previous night, the roads never closed and apparently no deer were

Earlier on the 28th of March, protesters had assembled in rush hour in
the 5PM range, with as many as 30 on site at that time. Six hours later
the banners were still being held, and about 4 or 5 people held down the
vigil at any one time as people rotated in and out. This is in addition
to any hunt disruption teams that may have been in the woods