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ORIGINAL INTENT - Cultural Marxism

"WE WILL BURY YOU." Many laughed when former USSR leader, Nikita Khrushchev, shouted this line at the United States. Watch this short clip featuring Pat Buchanan, discussing Cultural Marxism and its effects on American culture, U.S. politics and the current economic disaster.

Those aware of history aren't laughing, for cultural Marxism, an off-shoot of Marxism, has indeed buried traditional American culture. Today, Marxist philosophies, parading as political correctness, have so indoctrinated the average American (through the mainstream New York media, Hollywood movies, literature, colleges and the public school system) the youth of today are unaware they're SWIMMING in it. Indoctrinated to a liberal, anti-traditional, anti-Christian lifestyle, is it thus any surprise such wallow in a cesspool of greed and excess so blatant and serious it threatens the very capitalist structure of the

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