Sodom & Gomorrah: Not About Homosexuality, Know Your Bible

The Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah is most often told thus: 'Angels, male angels of which there are either 2 or 3, visit Lot's home where they are given shelter and food. All the men of Sodom surround the home and demand Lot turn the male visitors over to them so that they can rape them.'

ALL the men, young and old, of Sodom show up for the mass gang rape. Lot offers his two virgin daughters up to be raped in the place of the angels, but the crowd will have none of that. The angels intervene, strike the would-be rapists blind and Lot escapes while the cities are destroyed.

The story of these two cities has absurdly become a claim of evidence that God judges homosexuality as a sin....not just any sin, but a grievous sin worthy of the mass murder of entire city populations as punishment, The story, however, is about violence against strangers.

Just as heterosexual rape has nothing to with heterosexuality as a sexual preference, homosexual rape has nothing to do with homosexuality as a preference. To condemn rape is not to condemn a sexual preference.....unless you are religious. Religion is the ONLY thing which seems to excuse the absolute suspension of logic and critical thinking, even making any criticism of this suspension impolite and "intolerant".