Container ship collision during manoeuvre in port

A large container ship was manoeuvering around the port of Constanza Romania when a strong wind caught the giant ship broadsides and pushed it towards a Turkish bulk carrier which was getting ready to leave. The two tugs trying to push the monster weren't powerful enough to prevent the one tug from nearly being submerged.

What is immediately evident - from the report, was the fact that no emergency alarms were sounded to warn crew members - especially those below deck on the tug, and the report questions why the tugs put themselves in such a prec arious position, apparently, they 'usually' attempt these moves/shoves from the ends of the ship as this gives them more control.

It was expensive for the shipping line who had to pickup the tab for a new tug as the welding had been pulled apart and apparently once that happens, the tug loses some of it's integrity, the above came from the report into the mishap. At least no-one was injured or killed.

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