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How easy Is To Clone Biometric Passport embedded with RFID chips

Current Biometric documents are useless. ePassports don't make much sense without one-only or unequalled biometric passport reader. Let’s face it once and for all, ANY electronic data storage method by which content can be read (e.g. RFID, smart/storage cards, etc.), gives it the obvious potential to be hacked, copied and cloned. There’s a reason why “Random Access”, “Write Only Memory” (“WOM”) devices have never sound logical. What purpose would there be to store data that cannot be read? Let’s take this one step further. If stored information is designed to be read, then a device must exist with the ability to read the stored information for it to be of any value.
Now, let us apply that simple logic to stored information that’s meant to be read in a widespread application. In this type of application, multiple standardized reading devices must exist in order to alw

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