College Green Dart Assault on BNP Leader: Despite Video Evidence, CPS Refuses to Prosecute

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has refused to prosecute anybody for the public violence and assault with a deadly weapon — captured on film and broadcast on satellite television — committed by members of a state-sponsored UAF mob against Nick Griffin at College Green in June last year.

The attack was in fact far more serious than just a few eggs being thrown, as the video evidence showed.

At least two clearly identifiable UAF supporters were filmed throwing darts, one of which struck a BNP security man, Stuart Freeman, in the chest.

Despite the ample and crystal clear video and photographic evidence, the CPS has told the police that there is insufficient evidence to secure a prosecution.

“The Westminster Serious Crimes Unit have been very thorough in their investigation and amassed an overwhelming case,” Mr Griffin said.

“It seems, however, in this case that the UAF, which is funded by the trade unions who are in turn funded by the Government, is apparently above the law.

“The video evidence shows members of the UAF crowd throwing darts at BNP people. If that does not constitute assault with a weapon, then nothing does,” Mr Griffin said.

“To say that we are appalled at the CPS’s decision is an understatement.

“All this does is convince us even further that justice in Britain is terminal, murdered by decades of political correctness imposed by successive Tory and Labour regimes.

“The CPS decision is in effect an invitation to anti-democratic thugs to commit acts of serious violence in public, safe in the knowledge that even if they are filmed in flagrante delicto, they will be protected by the CPS,” Mr Griffin said.

“The decision will prove to the public that the establishment is ganging up on the BNP and is even prepared to condone acts of violence.

“We are convinced that this decision will backfire. Increasing numbers of the public have become aware of the insidious destruction of our nation and that the BNP offers the only solution to this madness.”

A video of the UAF gangster throwing a dart is below.
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