Judi Chase Amber Alert - April 18_2009

It is quickly approaching 10 years since the twin’s adoptive father, David Chase, who dearly loved his adoptive twins, disappeared, and according to new leads provided to a team of private investigators was kidnapped, held hostage, sexually abused, tortured, and finally murdered, and later dumped into Bear Creek, where his body was found 47 days later.

Private investigators have uncovered extensive evidence documenting the fact that David Chase was murdered to make it easier for this trafficking network to procure legal custody of the twins, and to silence him to prevent him from revealing what he knew about their operations concerning a large child-trafficking/child-pornography network, as stated in the 'Andre' Affidavit.

There is a vital, crucial question raised by this attorney, who stated in the affidavit, “This is of grave concern and indicates the need to investigate whether or not the judicial court process was corrupted in order to insure that foster children could be procured for illicit activities, etc.”

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