Teens Charged For 'Raunchy Party Antics on Bus

*Two Videos*

LONDON, ONT. - Police are investigating after raunchy videos of teenagers partying on a school bus bound for a southern Ontario beach were posted to the Internet.The videos show dozens of teens -- decked out in sunglasses, tank tops and shorts -- dancing in the isles of a yellow school bus en route to Grand Bend, Ont., while music blares in the background.
Some of the revellers can be seen holding beer bottles while other teens film the out-of-control scene with their cellphones.
In one video, two young girls kiss as the other partiers cheer them on.
One female lies on top of a male and gyrates her hips as teens shriek with joy.
But the party was interrupted after police, tipped off by a Facebook page promoting the summer party, stopped the bus on route to the Lake Huron beach last Friday.
"We got pulled over by the cops and they made everybody exit the bus and they're checking for alcohol," one teen said in a video outside the bus.
Police arrested three 16-year-olds for public intoxication and laid multiple underage drinking charges.
Officers also found a small amount of marijuana on the bus and poured out "a large quantity of liquor."
"Clearly the kids were doing whatever they wanted to do," said Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Dave Rektor. "And the party started before they got to the beach."
Police didn't release the name of the bus company carrying the teens.
In the videos, the bus driver makes no attempts to stop the out-of-control behaviour.
"There's going to be meetings and interviews (with) the bus companies and the drivers," said Rektor. "We're going to try to get to the bottom of this."
The teens continued to the beach, where nearly 1,000 partiers gathered.
Police maintained a beefed-up presence on the beach throughout that day.
"When you got young people drinking and dabbling in narcotics, and you have open bodies of water, it's only a matter of time before something tragic happens," Rektor said.