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Confirmation - "Chemical Attack" in Syria was FAKE
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The Assad Chemical Attack" story of Damascus, Syria, is a proven fake. The so-called 'evidence' acquired by the U.N., will probably never be seen, as it has been deemed "Top Secret." (I think you can see why.) All other available evidence, presented here, indicates that at the very most, Jihadist mercenary infiltrators (called "rebels" by the treasonous media) may have been playing with chemicals given to them by the Saudis, or stolen from a civilian chlorine plant, and had an accident. Rather than admit what they had done, these terrorist mercenaries seized upon the opportunity to blame the accident on Assad. They STAGED fake victims, as they have done many times before in their fake "rebellion" against Assad. (See "Meet the 'Crisis Actors' of the Syria-'FSA'" for ample proof of this.)

All available evidence indicates that the "chemical weapons" attack in Damascus, Syria, is a

Added: Sep-5-2013 
By: livingonplanetZ
Syria, Conspiracy
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