WORLD SUPERPOWER Vladimir Putin's Russia 2016

Pride comes before a fall.

Insecure nations and leaders always find ways to insulate themselves from criticism while blaming others for their self-induced misfortune.

Russia stopped being a pluralistic society after Putin consolidated his power around 2004 when he smashed the oligarchs, took control of the media, and forbade criticism of his presidency. And non-pluralistic governments have always throughout history leaned toward being paranoid, conspiratorial minded, insular, and authoritarian. The longer Putin stays in office, the longer will his imprint and legacy remain upon the Russian political system. Chances are--and the trend shows--that Russia is reverting to dictatorial rule with police state functionaries fulfilling the roles of bureaucrats.

We already know that Putin has surrounded himself with intelligence agency apparatchiks who now fill over 75% of the govt's official positions. Russia is now the first state made up of majority intelligence agents and operatives. And in the streets of Russia there are now more FSB police than there were KGB agents during the Soviet era.

Welcome to 1984.

- USA1


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