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Love song for Palestine

As events unfold in Arab world, West Bank youth yearns for its own revolution. Instead of toppling gov't, protesters demand national unity through cultural festival

Roni Shaked Published: 03.31.11

Tareq Abu Salama sits at the heart of Bethlehem's Manger Sqaure, strumming the strings of his oud and singing protests songs against the Palestinian division and the Israeli occupation. A khaki-colored tent stands next to him, displaying a Palestinian flag and a sign calling for Palestinian unity. At the tent's entrance stands a mosaic board shaped like a Palestinian map; a large crack extends between Gaza and the West Bank.

In the West Bank, the uprisings rocking Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria are watched with yearning. While in those nations the protesters marched to the squares and took their future into their own hands, in Bethlehem, Ramallah and Nablus the process is stuck.


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Middle East
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