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Hi guys,I know i said in my second video "Dont Vote",but now Im reconsidering.Ive been following comments of Inividualist and SS Cat and have done some of my own research on Ron Paul.I first saw him giving comments in the video "Freedom to Fascism"that Tranejam first posted,and beleive that this man(Ron Paul)is the best man for the job of U.S. President.He wants states to have more power,which means the power is closer to the people and more influenced by the people.He does not want world government and wants us to stay out of the middle east.Ron Paul I beleive is against private banks issueing OUR money.He wants to restore our constitutional rights.I will continue to research this and Im asking SSCat and Individualist and Tranejam to help start a Ron Paul group,lets use Liveleak as a model and see if we can get people to Vote a REAL MAN into office.

Added: May-7-2007 
By: Velkozel
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