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Global Warming Calculation: How much can we increase the Ocean's Temperature.

An interesting calculation has been made regarding Global Warming. The question arises how much influence do people have on the Global Temperature.

SpecificallyIf every persons alive put 1 Hiroshima Sized Bomb into the Pacific Ocean, how much would it increase the temperature of this ocean?

What is your guess?
1 degree? 10 degrees? 100 degrees? More?

Here are the calculations:

Number of people alive on Earth
7 Billion

Pacific Ocean Size:
7.0902*10^20 KG

Energy from 1 Hiroshima sized bomb
63 * 10^12 Joules

Joules needs to raise 1 KG of water 1 degree of temperature C
4186 joules

Resulting Temperature increase
only about 1/7 of a degree
(and that's just the Pacific Ocean, the world wide increase would be much smaller)

An interesting calculation showing how difficult it is for man to increase the world's temperature.

done by a PHD Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing


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