Raw; Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing

VAN NUYS AIRPORT, Calif. -- A small plane with a dangling nose gear glided to a safe landing today at Van Nuys Airport and both people aboard appear uninjured.
The twin-engine Cessna 310 was heading from the San Fernando Valley airport to Camarillo when the pilot realized the nose gear had only partially deployed and decided to turn back.
WATCH: Scary moments as pair make emergency landing at Van Nuys Airport
The pilot flew around for about an hour to use up fuel as a safety precaution before attempting a landing.
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Shortly before 12:30 p.m., the plane descended fast toward the field. Moments before touchdown, the pilot shut down both engines, then cranked each propeller to near horizontal position, apparently to keep them from striking the runway. The craft bounced on its main wheels and then gently nosed down. The dangling gear collapsed and the plane skidded a short distance, its nose scraping, until it stopped.
The pilot and passenger then got out and appeared uninjured.
The tail number shows the plane is registered to Jade Aviation Services of Carson City, Nevada.