Muslims Beat Man with Iron Rods for Refusing to Embrace Islam

Karachi: August 16, 2011. (PCP) On 14th august at 6:30 AM, near sea view, Defense Housing Authority DHA phase 8, in jurisdiction of Durkhshan Police Station, Karachi, Pakistan, Ashfaq Munawar, brother of Civil Society forum MASS, was attacked and seriously injured by six Muslim fundamentalists.

Ashfaq Munawr was on Clifton seaside of Karachi where youth and common residents of Karachi city gather to celebrate Pakistan Day like a feast from decades from night of August 13, till morning of August 14.

August 14, 1947, was a day when Pakistan was declared an independent state after division of sub-continent India from British Colonial rule.

Ashfaq Munawar was stopped by six Muslim bearded men who asked him, who are you? When Ashfaq told them that he is Christian, they entered in argument and said “How you can celebrate Pakistan Day when you are Christian? Convert to Islam to join feast”

When Ashfaq Munawar denied reciting “Kalma” to convert to Islam, the group of Muslims attacked him. They have beaten him so severely on his denial that both jaws of Ashfaq were broken and he became unconscious.

The Islamic fundamentalists damaged his motorbike with iron rods and left him on scene where hundreds of Muslims were present.

Ashfaq was taken to hospital where his family approached and on coming conscious he told his brother Liaquat Munawar who is Christian leader “that those bearded men had beaten me badly with iron rods, iron hand clips, when i lay down on the surface they thought i died and then they fired in air with heavy weapons, and also crushed my motor bike with iron rods and they left me alone there, due to violence of firing Police came they also beat me and take my motor bike to Police station and they also left me alone there”


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