Where Are We?!

...what do you do when you get lost flying a helicopter - why, you stop and ask for directions of course...

Translation from Reddit:

Operator: Is he fucking high or something? Fuck me in the
mouth – he landed in the middle of the road!
Operator: Vytya (another truck driver) get out of the
fucking road before he fucks you off the road with his rotors.
Operator: Is he showing us something?
Truck driver2: Looks like MchS (Ministries of Emergencies)
Truck driver2: (unintelligible)
Truck driver2: The fucking guy's lost! They were circling around and forgot which way they came from! Fuck your mother! He came running asking which way is Oktyobinsk!
Operator: Fuck me - are they fucking cadets from Oktyobinsk? Fuck your mother - how can you get fucking lost in a middle of a fucking steppe?!
Truck driver2: Are you filming?
Operator: I'm filming, I'm fucking filming!
Truck driver2: (unintelligible)


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Location: Russia

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