MANHATTAN - Wassila Hachchi is a Moroccan former politician in the Netherlands.

As a member of Democrats 66 (D66) she was an MP from 17 June 2010 until 19 January 2016. Wassila Hachchi was born on 6 January 1980. On 17 June 2010, Hachchi was sworn in as a Liberal-Democrat member of the Dutch Parliament.

On 20 January 2016 Hachchi claimed to have left the House of Representatives to join the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2016, which has been denied by the campaign. Her sudden leave from the House and lack of communication caused some commotion.

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Going to the U.S. as a tourist on the Visa Waiver Program/ESTA and do volunteer work is illegal. So Hillary Clinton employs an illegal immigrant.

The idea of going to the US and get a paid position is absurd. If somebody wants to work in the US temporarily, that person needs a visa that allows her to work. These visas are hard to get. Normal procedure usually takes 4-6 months, so Hillary has arranged something behind the scenes. The employee cannot go to the U.S. and start working already before the visa is issued.
Going to the U.S. as a tourist and start a job search is - according to the rules - not allowed.

If Ms. Hachchi has useful contacts and wants to work in the US - while staying in the Netherlands - she should have hired an immigration lawyer and used her three months paid-leave to secure the appropriate visa.

Furthermore a non-U.S. Citizen is not allowed to be involved in or to contribute to U.S. politics.
In other words: Ms. Hachchi should be picked up and deported immediately. If that happens - and it should happen - her chances for a job in the U.S. are gone.

How many alien islamic illegals work for Hillary?


By: Linda Bernasconi (85.00)

Tags: Hillary, illegal, employee, immigrant

Location: New York, United States