These 'staunch defenders' of the free press are attending today's solidarity rally in Paris

So here are some of the staunch defenders of the free press attending the solidarity rally in Paris today...

20) PM Cameron of the UK, where authorities destroyed documents obtained by The Guardian and threatened prosecution
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19) Prime Minister Kopacz of Poland, which raided a magazine to seize recordings embarrassing for the ruling party
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18) Prime Minister Enda Kenny of Ireland, where "blasphemy" is considered a criminal offense

17) Prime Minister Cerar of Slovenia, which sentenced a blogger to six months in prison for "defamation" in 2013

16) Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, who had several journalists jailed for insulting him in 2013

15) Sheikh Mohamed Ben Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani of Qatar, which jailed a man for 15 ys for writing the Jasmine poem

14) The Foreign Minister of Bahrain, 2nd biggest jailer of journos in the world per capita (they also torture them)

13) President Keita of Mali, where journalists are expelled for covering human rights abuses

12) Sec-Gen of NATO, who are yet to be held to account for deliberately bombing and killing 16 Serbian journos in '99

11) Prime Minister Samaras of Greece, where riot police beat &amp; injured two journalists at a protest in June last year

10) The Attorney General of the US, where police in Ferguson have recently detained and assaulted WashPost reporters

9) The PMs of Georgia and Bulgaria, both of whom have a record of attacking &amp; beating journos

8) Prime Minister Jomaa of Tunisia, which recently jailed blogger Yassine Ayan for 3 years for "defaming the army"

7) The Foreign Minister of the UAE, which in 2013 held a journo incommunicado for a month on suspicion of MB links

6) Foreign Minister Lamamra of Algeria, which has detained journalist Abdessami Abdelhai for 15 months without charge

5) Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia, which last year jailed a journalist for "insulting a government servant"

4) Foreign Minister Shoukry of Egypt, which as well as AJ staff has detained journalist Shawkan for around 500 days

3) Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel, whose forced killed 7 journalists in Gaza last yr (second highest after Syria)

2) Prime Minister of Davutoglu of Turkey, which imprisons more journalists than any other country in the world

1) King Abdullah of Jordan, which last year sentenced a Palestinian journalist to 15 years in prison with hard labour
So here are some of the staunch defenders of the free press attending the solidarity rally in Paris today...;amp;tw_i=554234005923848192&amp;tw_p=tweetembed