Two cops kick and punch a suspect laying on the ground after a wild high-speed chase _

COLUMBIA, Md. - At least 2 law enforcement officers kicked and punched a suspect who was already laying on the ground after a high-speed chase Thursday, something the Howard County police chief called "not acceptable."

"I've seen the video and I have some concerns," said Chief Bill McMahon. "Some of what I saw on that video is clearly not what I expect from my officers. It is not acceptable."

McMahon says an internal investigation into the behavior of some of the officers is already underway.

"I have directed our internal affairs division to conduct an investigation into some of the actions that took place during the arrest," Chief McMahon said in a statement.

"Even though this suspect put innocent lives at risk on the road, I always want my officers to meet the highest possible standards."

The chase began around 12:55 p.m. at Dorsey Run Road and Patuxent Range Road in Jessup, Md., when officers attempted to stop Stephen Zombro, 40, police said.

An armada of officers pursued the suspect. Investigators say it remains unclear where the pursuit began.

During the chase, officers threw Stop Sticks at the vehicle -- devices that disable tires. Police credit them for blowing out three of the pickup's tires.

After the suspect vehicle pulled a U-turn through the median on Route 32, officers rammed his vehicle twice, spinning it out of control. It came to a stop in the eastbound lanes of Route 32 between Cedar Lane and Route 29.

When the suspect vehicle stopped, a man exited the driver's side and laid on the ground. Officers swarmed him and subdued him.

Zombro was transported to Howard County General Hospital, police said. A preliminary evaluation has revealed no serious injuries, police said.

Zombro faces charges of fleeing and eluding police, assaulting law enforcement officers and reckless endangerment.

Investigators say they are also charging him with possession of heroin and crack cocaine.