Smiths Falls Police and Family and Children Services Violating our Rights

This video came first, around 2:00pm on Wednesday April 29....They got
as far as the living room before I got my camera and asked them what
part of the legislation allows them to just come in like that.

7:30am, Monday morning, police showed up at my house on a report from
an over-zealous friend that I had accidentally pocket-dialed. Three
police cruisers showed up and would not let me back into my house until
they had seen my kids and talked to my husband. The police told my
husband there was a report of violence and that was grounds for entering
our residence, to ensure the children's safety. We had both assured the
police that no fight had even taken place. I later checked with my
friend, to see what she had told them. She said she was only concerned
because I haven't called her in years so it seemed unusual. So police
entered my house under false pretenses, based on a call from an old
friend claiming she had said things she never did. Then they proceed to
make a report to Family Services that our house was unfit and our
children were naked at 7:30am, during our morning routine of bathing,
dressing etc. So today a worker shows up with a cop, despite the
fact that no evidence of violence was found, and despite the fact that
we have always been compliant with police and Family Services and that
they always close our case. The only reason she brought a cop was so
that they could bully their way in. Notice how many times I asked them
to leave, told them I felt uncomfortable and how long it actually took
for them to leave.I strongly recommend anyone having dealings with
Family and Children Services/Smiths Falls Police invest in a good