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Ron Paul backers threatened Glenn Becks life

Media giant Glenn Beck says some supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul have threatened his life.

The claim came during Beck’s TV show
Tuesday night, as he was analyzing Paul’s political stances and the
Texas congressman’s performance in Monday night’s debate in South
Carolina.“I’m the one that sticks up for Ron Paul on the radio all the time
and in meetings. Not all of them are like this,” Beck said. “Just a few
have threatened my life, run me off the road. We get threats from Ron
Paul supporters all the time. That’s a problem. Don’t be a zealot. You
are just as bad – if not worse – than the Occupy Wall Street people. And
I don’t know if you’ve seen any shows I’ve done on those people.
They’re bad!”
Beck did not provide any further specifics about the death threats,
but added, “Ron Paul sup


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By: LarryThompson
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