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Chinese Z-10 Attack Gunship Trolling an Airsoft Gun Match

Someone need Gunship support? Z-10 Gunship appearing at random airsoft match...

During an airsoft replica-gun match, someone seems to have called some really imbalanced and unfair advantage in form of a WZ-10 helicopter gunship. The gunship is hovering over the field and apparently watching those kids fighting it out with their fake guns.

The WZ-10 or Z-10 is the most modern attack gunship helicopter in the Chinese arsenal. It has semi-stealth/low RCS shaping, apparently features the same black paint (RAM coating) of the J-20 stealth fighter, and is armed with a wide array of precision and unguided weapons like the HJ-10/AKD-10 Hellfire-class laser-guided top-attack missile and the TY-90 dedicated anti-helicopter air-to-air missiles, as well as a single-barreled 23mm gun and unguided 57-80mm fin-stabilized rockets. In 2011, the WZ-10 is finally in service with the PLA Army Aviation.

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By: iko81
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