YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES: Katie Couric Interviews Siblings of James Foley - Then This Happens...

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Ok guys, as many have pointed out, yes, the other bizarre aspect to this is the way the frame falls. It is indeed unnatural. If you look at the bottom of it closely as it "falls", it actually pops out or seems like it's "pulled out". It should fall more straight down, but pops outward before the plunge. This may lead to another topic altogether..

Regardless of how it fell however, the fact that there is NO REACTION from them is extremely revealing and telling. This proves they are not normal people anyway you slice it. This makes sense considering they must be coached and trained.

Another point is the orientation of the photos inside this frame, or the frame itself, wasn't even set properly. It is sideways. Which fits right in with the only conclusion of this being a newly set up little studio set. It's all a hollywood production, this whole media psyop. Let's spread this and expose these bastards NOW.

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Can it get any more ridiculous?