Ukrainian Soldier Describes War Crimes Witnessed While In DNR Captivity

“Zakharchenko told the other separatists that he needs information from us, so we were taken to the basement. They brought us there, put us against the wall and started shooting the ceiling. After that they started beating us for 6 to 7 hours. They beat us very badly. With metal pipes, shovels and guns. With everything they could find,” said Sova, a Ukrainian soldier who was held by separatist forces in East Ukraine.

Sova described the moment when the separatist picked out the snipers and gunners from their battalion. One of his fellow soldiers, Ihor Bronevytskyi, admitted to being their machine-gunner. “They broke every bone in his body,” recounts Sova.

According to Sova, while Ihor was lying on the floor he was approached by Motorola, a well-known separatist commander. “He [Motorola] leaned forward and said, ‘He won’t make it’. Then Motorola took out his pistol and shot two bullets in Ihor’s head”.

A recent Amnesty International report published May 22, 2015 asserts that 8 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed while being held by the separatist forces.

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