120 arrested during anti-IDF draft protests by hardline Orthodox; Furios drivers clashed with them

Israel Police arrested today 120 hardline Orthodox of the Jerusalem Peleg, during what they called as ‘Day of Rage’- Wave of rallies, mainly in Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, in protests that caused major traffic disruptions in Jerusalem. In Jerusalem they blocked major roads for several hours before being dispersed by police. Protesters blocked traffic and the light rail near the city’s central bus station, snarling traffic at the entrance to the city and causing multiple delays on the tram line. Drivers passing by confronted the demonstrators, with some forcefully driving through the mob. Some of them chanted “we’d rather die than be drafted to the army”. Earlier Thursday, members of the protest blocked traffic in Shilat junction nearby Modiin, with protesters shouting slogans such as "Death before conscription" and "Prison before army service." The recent protests, in their 4th day, were sparked by the arrest of two yeshiva students for failing to show up to the IDF draft office.


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Tags: Hardline,Orthodox,Jews,Protest,IDF,Police,Arrest,Drivers,Clash

Location: Israel

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