Attempted bank robbery leaves two people injured in shoot out

Four armed men arrived dressed in black T-shirts and badges of the Civil Police, they passed by civilian police and had no trouble getting into the bank after hours. Strongly armed, they announced the assault, but they did not count on the strong reaction of the Ceasa vigilantes. The unit's security core was electronically triggered from within the agency.
The robbers were able to leave the agency was already surrounded. They used three bank employees as shields, two men, and one woman. The three were forced to join the voyage together with the four assailants.The police managed to recover $ 137,242.00 and seized two pistols (one 4.0 and another 380), two 38-caliber revolvers, three ballistic vests, a Civil Police uniform, a ninja style cap, and five sacks money.



By: ThisIsButter (34014.30)

Tags: bank robbery, shootout, police, off-duty, on-duty, hostage, body shield, money, failed

Location: State of Bahia, Brazil